Billing FAQ's

When is my invoice due?
Your invoice should be entered into the website by the 1st or 16th of the month.

When does my invoice get paid?
Invoices are downloaded from the website database the first, second and third work day after the invoice due date. Checks are written as soon as your supervisor approves your invoice. Checks may be held up due to problems with your bill.

What kind of problems could cause my invoice payment to be held up?
Submitting an incomplete invoice form on the website may hold up the payment of an invoice. Please fill in all areas with as much information as possible. Send in any required maps, copies, etc. to help with the billing process.

A supervisor must check and approve an invoice. They may hold up the paying of an invoice until they resolve any issues that they find such as number of billing days, questionable charges, incomplete forms, etc.

A check cannot be mailed until a signed copy of the invoice is received at the office. Please print two copies of your submitted invoices from the website. Keep one for your tax records and send one to the office. You may email a copy of the signed form to our billing office at You may fax a copy of your signed invoice to 716-373-7202 or you may mail it to Penn-York Land Services Corp., ATTN: Billing Office, 2438 Constitution Avenue, Olean, NY 14760

Are taxes withheld from my pay?
No. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for all of your own taxes. We recommend that you hire an accountant to help you set up a plan for your required tax quarterlies.

What receipts should I keep?
You should keep a copy of all of your invoices and keep your original receipts sending a copy into the office.

Who do I contact about billing problems?
The first person to contact about a billing problem is your supervisor. You may also email

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